Not Getting Disable Automatic Analysis option on SonarCloud

I am trying to generate code coverage report and get that report published to SonarCloud UI. Below is the command I am using:
sonar-scanner -X

I am seeing below error when I execute the command:
10:46:28.166 ERROR: Error during SonarScanner execution
You are running CI analysis while Automatic Analysis is enabled. Please consider disabling one or the other.
I understand this is happening because of automatic analysis being turned ON & also because I am trying to run CI analysis using the command.

When I am trying to disable this from SonarCloud UI, I am not seeing this option (Automatic Analysis On/Off) under Project Settings in my SonarCloud UI.


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Do you have administration permissions on the project? I.e. in the left rail, do you see an Administration > Analysis Method option? If not, you’ll need to ask your project admin to do this.