Sonarcloud automatic analysis and code converage - Maven project

Hi Support team
we are facing an issue with automatic analysis and code coverage, looks like automatic analysis does not support code coverage even though we added Jacoco plugin in our pom.xml. The code coverage is working when we use CI-based analysis. thank you
CI tool: Bamboo
Code repository tool: GitHub


Hey there.

Automatic Analysis does not support Code Coverage, as noted in the documentation.

  • Code coverage information is not supported.

thank you Colin for the quick response! do you know how to turn off the Automatic Analysis? we want to turn off this at the org level, not project level. because the automatic analysis feature will be automatically triggered when I add a new Github project into sonarcloud. thank you


It is not possible to deactivate at the organization-level, only at the project-level.

but looks like automatic analysis will be triggered automatically immediately after i added a new project from GitHub. do you know how can we disable the automatic analysis without triggering them first and disable. thank you