Unable to choose Analysis Method


My organization is linked to Azure account, but my repo is on Bitbucket. So I have to create a new project manually. But after that, I don’t see any Analysis methods like this page: Azure DevOps & SonarCloud . And it only shows “This project has not been analyzed yet.” alert.
Note: I’m already an admin access with Administer Organization permission.

Also, may I know where can I find the SONAR_TOKEN please? I assume I need to set it up on our CI/CD tool - Bitrise, in order to execute sonar-scanner?

Thank you!

Hey there.

If your user lacks Execute Analysis permission on the project, you won’t see the analysis tutorial. Can you verify your permissions at the project-level?

This is created during the analysis tutorial, or you can generate a new user token.

Thank you @Colin !

I managed to execute sonar scan by generating a new token under my account Security.

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