Sonarcloud single sign on (SSO)authentication

Hi All,
my client suggested to use sonarcloud for code analysis. they are going to procure the license for the same.for now i am doing my R&D on trail version of the sonar cloud with free plan.i am using bitbucket cloud repo for my source code.
i did the integration between these tools.
i took some sample code and i can able to do the code analysis for my sample code.
here i have a concern like how we can provide single sign on (SSO)authentication for all the users(like the developers).
Azure Active Directory single sign-on (SSO) integration with sonarcloud is it possible?

if any help that would be helpful.


Hi @durgabhavani and welcome to the community !

We don’t provide SSO as such, but the Microsoft login page allows you to keep being logged in, and that’s what we only provide currently.

Does that help ?

Thank you.


We were running a self-hosted sonarqube community edition, but want to migrate to sonarcloud for support for merge requests. However the lack of (preferably) Google Workspace SAML SSO (and secondarily GitLab “SSO”, which can be ‘abused’ by having GitLab authenticate with Google SAML SSO) is kind of a deal breaker.

User federation here is the problem, we do not want to manage yet another user database.

Can you please escalate this to a product manager / sales? :slight_smile:

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