Microsoft SSO without Azure DevOps

Currently, we’ve transitioned from Azure DevOps to GitLab Self-Hosted. Presently, SonarCloud users can log in using Azure DevOps Single Sign-On (SSO). However, as we plan to phase out Azure DevOps soon, we’re exploring alternative authentication methods. Is it possible to configure Microsoft SSO for user login? Alternatively, can we utilize GitLab Self-Hosted SSO? Or is there an option to use authentication with a username and password? A prompt response would be highly beneficial.

Hello @Ayyappan_Selvam,

Thank you for raising this request.
We are currently exploring SAML integration on SonarCloud which will enable users to configure their prefered SSO provider.
More information is available here :

Happy to discuss in case you have any specific requirements or use cases to share.

Have a nice day!