SonarCloud server cache disable due to change in quality profile

Hello !
We are facing cache issues and we would like to improve analysis performance by restoring it.

  • ALM and CI used :
    Azure DevOps

  • Scanner command used when applicable (private details masked)
    Use of default configuration for cache (sonar.cfamily.analysisCache.mode=server)

  • Languages of the repository

  • Error observed

INFO: Loading cache from: server
INFO: Existing cache invalidated and deleted, change detected in quality profile 

The last quality profile change is 25 days old so I don’t understand why the use of the cache is not working.

We are considering handling the cache locally but we would like to know if there is a way to fix the current behaviour.

Thanks for your help

Hi @AlexJulita, and thanks for looking through the logs and for bringing our attention to this, we appreciate it,

We have recently become aware of an issue, and we have implemented a potential solution in [CPP-5158] - Jira which is going to be released in CFamily plugin version 6.54 this week (expected to be available on SonarCloud sometime next week).

Please let us know if you still encounter these unexpected cache invalidations during the first few weeks following the deployment of CFamily plugin 6.54. We can keep this thread open to monitor the situation.



Great !
Thank you for your quick answer, we will hold our local cache implementation then, I will post a message on this thread to inform you of our feeling about your fix !

Hi @AlexJulita, and thanks again for looking through the logs and bringing our attention to the issue. As mentioned earlier, we have released the fix and it was deployed less than 2 weeks ago. We have also been monitoring the situation since then, and our impression seems to be good so far. Please let us know if you have observed this unexpected cache invalidation at any time during the last week.

We are also planning to continue monitoring the situation for some time, and we can keep this thread open for a few more weeks…

Best regards,