Cfamily cache corruption

I am having the exact same issue. It randomly corrupts the cache for analysis. Is there any resolution for this? My PR and master builds are sharing the same cache.

Hello @Kamal_Chandra,

I moved you to a new topic.

  • Can you explain the steps to reproduce the issue? is the issue reproducable?
  • Can you share the scanner log in debug mode in addition to the build-wrapper json and log files?


Hi @Kamal_Chandra,

we identified a bug when analyzing C/C++/Objective-C code and caching enabled, we believe you are affected by it, here is the ticket which will be fixed in the next release: CPP-2458.

Thanks @mpaladin. I have seen this exact bug from time to time and there is no clear way to replicate it. Looking forward to your fix.

Is this issue fixed in any release yet?

Hi @Kamal_Chandra,

FYI the issue you were facing has been fixed in CPP-2458 and has been released as part of SonarCFamily 6.8.