CFamily analysis is failing with cache enabled


Same issue here, using SonarQube (Developper Edition) with Azure Pipelines. After few builds, we get the same error.
To fix the issue, with have to delete cache and restart the VM (with pipeline agent).
Please find attached logs.
crash-sonar.txt (545.9 KB)

Hi @matthieug, @simonyeung,

Are you still facing this issue?


Hi @Abbas_Sabra ,

We’re still facing the issue. I’ve disabled the cache to avoid crash.


Hi @matthieug,

First, can you update to at least 8.9.3 to make sure that it is not one of the bugs that were already fixed in bug fixes releases?

Also, do you reproduce the issue consistently? Are you modifying the cache concurrently? are you running multiple scans at the same time with the same cache?
Describing how you are using the cache might help me identify the issue.


Hi @Abbas_Sabra

We already updated sonar to 8.9.3 (developer), but we’re still facing the issue.
The issue cannot be reproduced consistently.
The cache is never modified concurrently because we run only once instance of sonar c++ scanner.


@matthieug, Can you share the full log of 8.9.3. Also can you please attach the build-wrapper JSON and log file?

Hi @Abbas_Sabra

We have changed our pipeline configuration, so I can’t reproduce the issue.
Now, we build our code with cmake, and we have disabled git shallow fetch, the issue seems to have disappeared :crossed_fingers:.


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