SonarCloud results fail to load in Bitbucket Cloud

We are using Bitbucket Cloud with pipelines running gradle builds using the sonarqube plugin and pushing results to SonarCloud. Everything is working fine in that regard.

However some users, when loading the “Source” view or a Pull Request in the Bitbucket Cloud UI, the SonarCloud results fail to load in the page and they just see a spinner for a second and then nothing in that space. For some it never loads, for others it works intermittently, and others nothing ever shows (a real problem), all on the same network. This is using Chrome, and the same repo/branch or pull request works for one person and not for another so it is not the case that the analysis is not available.

Any thoughts on how to mitigate this?

Hi @jseletz,

Could you check if you have any errors in the console?
Also can you make sure that the users don’t use ad blocker, usually widgets do not work correctly with those.


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Looks like the ad-blocker was the issue, thanks. Ideally the widgets wouldn’t be blocked by this.