Bitbucket pull request widget is no longer working

The company i work for uses bitbucket cloud, my team and i switched to sonarcloud almost a year ago because of the integration with bitbucket cloud and of course the cost reduction compared to self host.

Since last friday the bitbucket pull request integration no longer works. The repository overview widget is still showing data from sonar. It seems that the widget itself is loaded but the api call to}/pullrequests/1653/code_quality returns an empty response for branchesAndPrs. I tried to re-connect sonar but that doesn’t solve anything. Is there something wrong with the bitbucket sonar integration for pull requests? I contacted bitbucket and they advised me to create a topic here.


Same for us. We experiencing the same issue since last week.

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Issue seems to be the fact that the account is not the owner of the repository. If you create a pull request on a project that you own the widget loads because the underlying api call contains data. Bitbucket support is also looking at this.