Sonar Widget in Bitbucket Pull Request stop working

Widget no longer shows in Bitbucket Pull Request. This was working before.

Just showing blank:

Also showing errors on Chrome Console.



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You haven’t given much to go on here. What version of SonarQube are you on? Did you recently upgrade? Are you aware of anything else changing recently? Or are you using SonarCloud?


Hi Ann,

Thanks for the reply.

Forgot to mention that we are using SonarCloud (CloudService) and not self-hosting SonarQube.

Also on my screenshot, the console error on the browser path mentioned its: are getting 404.

Also, is there premium support for SonarCloud customers or everything is through the forum?

Our company is using the service heavily and multiple teams reported this issue to our DevOps and they suggested opening a ticket with SonarCloud. Is it possible to escalate this issue because our development workflow is affected by it?

same for me

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11 days and still no support.

Support is not that good it seems


Sorry, it seems we missed this thread somehow.

We deployed today a fix for the quality gate that was always showing “not computed” on the pull requests. So it should fix your issues.

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This is still not fixed on our side. I still see HTTP 404 and Code Quality is still blank. I verified that SonarCloud analysis report exist on the sonarcloud site for the PR.

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Same issue as @Francis_Marasigan, it is still broken for us. No change from before.

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Ok thanks for the report @Francis_Marasigan, the 404 about the sourcemap is not a problem, we are just not sharing our sourcemaps and your devtool is trying to get them, hence the 404.

But we started investigating a very similar issue on this thread:


Thanks for looking into this. Hopefully, that fix for the serialization issue is release soon.

Yes we are planning to deploy it today!

The fix has been deployed, the widget should load correctly again on your PRs!
We would like to apologize again for the long waiting time, thank you for your patience with this issue.

@Gregoire_Aubert I confirmed the PR widget is now loading but link is not correct. All link goes to long live branch instead of the PR branch. It was the same behavior before except for the “View More Details in SonarCloud”. Now this one is also not correct.

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