Pull request, Code Quality shows nothing(Bitbucket Cloud)


And the response is {“branchesAndPrs”: {}}


SonarCloud is listed in Bitbucket → Settings → Installed apps


Could you please help to check this issue? Thanks!

Welcome to the community!

When the widget is not displayed under Code Quality as you described, it’s usually caused by some browser plugin you may that is blocking from correctly loading the content into the page. Can you disable browser plugins (for example ad blockers) for bitbucket cloud and try again?

I am afraid the rootcause is not browser plugin because whole company can’t see this widget. :rofl:


However, the api can’t get any resource.

Hello and thanks for the report.

We are currently investigating a very similar issue on this thread, so don’t hesitate to follow the progress there:

The fix has been deployed, the widget should load correctly again on your PRs!
We would like to apologize again for the long waiting time, thank you for your patience with this issue.

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