Pull Request Quality Gate showing "Not computed" even when there are failing results reported

We are using Bitbucket Cloud with SonarCloud. Everything has been working fine in general. Our pipelines add the correct sonar options, e.g. "-Dsonar.pullrequest.key=743 -Dsonar.pullrequest.branch=feature/my-bug -Dsonar.pullrequest.base=project/new-release" The correct PR based quality analysis is appearing in SonarCloud, but the Pull Request in Bitbucket has a “Not computed” label now.


This started happening in my Bitbucket repos today too.

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Just adding more context here if helpful. (we are seeing same issue as mentioned above)

It appears to only be impacting PullRequest widget. The “Show repository overview widget” is still showing correctly:

For the PullRequest widget we are seeing the Not computed label for both “passing” and “failing” PRs.
example passing:

example failing:

Checking API data via the console:
I can see that the API used by the “overview” widget (https://sonarcloud.io/integration/bitbucketcloud/repo_widget_data) is returning data like this. (and I think the important part is the measures.alert_status property)

But for the “PR widget” (https://api.bitbucket.io/addons/sonarcloud/dat/repositories/<redacted>/pullrequests/26/code_quality), the API being used looks slightly different. (I think the important part is the qualityGateStatus property. NOTE: the measures property does not contain an alert_status)

Maybe there was a recent update to that API, and the contract changed? (This might just be “old news” and not at all related to the problem :man_shrugging: , just only thing that sticks out from what I can see in the console. I’m not seeing any actual errors or anything in the console, though I might just be not seeing something obvious :see_no_evil: )


bumping for activity… :roll_eyes: :man_shrugging:

Anyone know of a way to get this more visible to Sonar team? As far as I can tell this is their best/official “report bugs” workflow, and/but this isn’t the first time I have seen tickets like this “idle” with no indication that Sonar team has even noticed the post exists. :man_shrugging:

I think we have provided all the information we can so far. Not sure where to go next with this. :thinking:

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In our case, we were seeing the new code info. But now, we have stopped seeing that and, instead, we only see the General code coverage (not the partial code coverage) and the Not computed tag while the new code info is still being send at the HTTP request:


As you can see, only coverage and duplicated_lines_density are being rendered while, in fact, the interesting data on a PR is everything existing under the new_ prefix. This was what we were seeing a week ago but now we have lost it with the new widget view.

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We are seeing this too.

In Bitbucket we see the details plus the “not computed” message.
I see a warning in the SonarCloud UI for each PR.

I feel like this could be related but I am not certain. I also dont know how to fix this warning…

Hello @jseletz, @Josh_Nunez, @caleb.chenoweth, @dseijo and @MartynB,

Apologies for the delay, we somehow completely missed this thread. Thanks for reporting this, we confirm that this is a recently introduced regression and we are currently working on fixing it. You can follow the progress on this ticket.

We will update you in this thread as well when we fix this.



A fix has been deployed this morning and the issue should be resolved now.


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We also have the same problem on SonarCloud. We can see the code quality widget and results on changed quality gates, but the metrics don’t appear. The widget displays “Not Computed”, even though the branch analysis has completed and can be seen within SonarCloud.

We have recently started using SonarCloud and this worked a couple of weeks ago.