Bitbucket SonarCloud addon on Pull Request doesn't show anything


(Antti Vikman) #1


I’m having an issue that SonarCloud add on is not showing anything on Pull requests. It shows loading icon for while and after that only the “Code Quality” text stays visible. Looking the network traffic the data is successfully fetched and inspecting the DOM shows that it is rendered correctly inside the iframe, but all of it has height of 0.

P.S. The link “See all issues on SonarCloud” seams to be also broken as it leads to “The requested project does not exist.”

SonarCloud (Released 2018-09-05)
Chrome (Version 68.0.3440.106)

(Antti Vikman) #2

This isn’t actually a bug it was caused by AdBlocker.

(Nicolas Bontoux) #3

Yup, we’ve indeed seen that AdBlocker can cause some interferences, there’s actually a note about that in the docs. Thanks for the follow-up!