Sonarcloud not posting status to azure devops

We use sonarcloud with azuredevops, since a few days ago, sonar cloud is not publishing status back to azure devops.

I see that the run was successful when i am in sonarcloud but the pipeline is waiting for the response.

can anyone help me with how i can troubleshoot, i created a token in sonarcloud and put it in azure devops but i think that is for outbound from azure to sonarcloud. I am not sure how the inbound to azure devops is configured.

Hi @sheidas and welcome to the community.

The communication between SonarCloud and Azure DevOps is setup with a Personal Access Token that you generate on Azure’s side and put in the “Administration -> General Settings -> Pull request” section of your project on SonarCloud.

Maybe this token has expired ? Can you check ?


Hi Mickael, thank you

I am an admin of the Org, and I was able to override sonarcloud smells, etc. so I know I had projects access… but now when I check in ‘my projects’ I don’t see any projects anymore.

Should I go ahead and do ‘analyze new projects/import….’ All that stuff again?

Thank you


Hi @sheidas

Are you sure that you are logged in with the same account as before ?

Is your organization public ? If yes, can you give me the name ? Otherwise i’ll send you a PM so you can share those details.


Hi Mickael, is there any way we can do a screen share so I can show you?

Mikael, I figured out the issue and it is working fine. Thank you so much!

Hi @sheidas

Glad it works. Maybe you can share your resolution step so that can be helpful for everybody here ? Or that was specific to your situation ?

Thank you.

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