Didn't get response from SonarCloud to the Azure Pipelines


The last Pull Request that I’ve created from Azure Devops that was checked by SonarCloud has coverage on 66.7% and the Quality Gate has passed as can be seen in the screenshot below:

However, in our repository from Azure Devops we are not getting a response from SonarCloud checks as can be seen in the next image:

Can you help me, please ?
Many thanks,

Hey there.

Have you configured a valid token at either the project-level Administration > General Settings > Pull Requests) or at the organiztion-level (Administration > Organization settings > Azure DevOps connectivity management)?


Hey Colin,

Should I have Admin role in the organization I belong to in order to access these two paths that you are talking about :
project-level (Administration > General Settings > Pull Requests) and
organiztion-level (Administration > Organization settings > Azure DevOps connectivity management) ?

I’m asking because I couldn’t find it in SonarCloud web interface.

Many thanks,

Hey @nadine.gaita

Yes – you need either project or organization level Administration to adjust tokens. I would suggest reaching out to the admins in your organization.

Hi @Colin,

I have now been given administrator rights so I can check the tokens, please can you tell me how to check whether the token is still valid?

Many thanks,

Hi again,

The SonarCloud checks on Azure Devops has passed and we’ve got a response but there was no change to our side.

Thank you for your help!