Sonarcloud failing with azure devops since token expired

We use sonarcloud as part of our pipeline with devops.
A few weeks back, our token expired in devops that sonarcloud uses to update PRs and pass the quality gate.

I initially tried refreshing the same token, and updating that in our organisation settings. This failed to work.
I created a new token with the read+write code permissions, this also doesn’t work.

Sonarcloud receives the code and does the checks, but fails call back to devops to pass anything.

Any suggestions welcome please :slight_smile:

(Not a public sonarcloud project).

Hey there.

Have you checked to see if you’ve set a token at the project-level as well? (Project-level Administration > Pull Requests > Integration with Azure DevOps Services > Personal access token).

SonarCloud will use what’s set at the project-level if something is set.

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Thanks, that was the problem.

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