Unable to complete Pull Request in Azure Devops with Sonarcloud Gate

I am unable to complete a PR in Azure Devops as I have a quality gate for SonarCloud. When it gets to to the step of “SonarCloud/quality gate” it hangs with the clock in the PR window. It does show up in Sonarcloud under the branch as “passed”. However, in SonarCloud I am getting the following warning:

Pull request decoration failed because the token specified in the settings does not have sufficient rights. Please check the permissions of this token.

It was working without issue until recently. I even tried generating a new token in Sonarcloud for my service connection in Azure Devops but that didn’t work either. Please let me know what to do next.

What is a reasonable time expectation for a reply from SonarCloud?

Hi @ohoover and welcome to the community !

To be clear here, the message that you got is related to the Personal Access Token that you generate in Azure DevOps and put in the Pull Requests settings on SonarCloud, on the sonar.pullrequest.vsts.token.secured field.

There’s an expiration date on those token, have you checked that your current token isn’t in that situation ?



Ok I refreshed the token and it works now. Thank you.