Azure Pull Request with SonarCloud

Hi, I wanted to integrate Azure Pr with Sonar cloud, when the PR was raised it should check the quality gate in the Sonar dashboard and it should post the status back in the PR dashboard whether it’s passed or not. But the Quality gates are failed on the sonar dashboard but in the PR Dashboard, it says passed.

And in the build status I’m not able to find “Sonarcloud/quality gate” in the drop-down I’m only getting sonar/code coverage??? And in other repo branch policies, I’m able to see the “Sonarcloud/quality gate”


We will need more details to help you solve your problem.

  1. Was the quality gate in the PR decoration working before. IF so, when did it stop working

  2. Could you please post some screenshots of the problem (both SonarCloud and Azure DevOps sides)

  3. I am not sure what “build status dropdown” you are referring to. Can you post a screenshot of that too?