SonarCloud license transfer

One of our customers, Tmap Mobility, has purchased 1M SonarCloud in August 2023.
The customer recently requested inquries as below

  1. The customer enabled 1M SonarCloud to their one of the GitHub Enterprise account (GitHub Enterprise EMU)
    The customer has recently decided to use a different GitHub Enterprise account (GitHub Enterprise Cloud)
    In this case, how can customer transfer/apply 1M SonarCloud license to the new GitHub Enterprise account?
    A. Is it possible to migrate over to new GitHub Enterprise accout?
    B. If yes in #A, how can customer migrate/apply existing license to new account?
    Also, what will happen to the old account?
    C. If no in #A, should the customer purchase a new 1M SonarCloud subscription?

Hey there.

They will need a new organization, and there is no easy migration path.

  • If they have a yearly subscription for your current organization, a new coupon can be issued for your new organization by reaching out to their sales representative.
  • If they have a monthly subscription by credit card, they can simply stop their subscription on the old organization and re-subscribe on the new one.

Sorry for the inconvenience.