Moving Github organisations in Sonar Cloud and changing it in sonarcloud

Guys we are consolidating our organisation in GitHub enterprise and as a result all of repositories are moving from an organisation already monitored in SonarCloud, (which is being decommissioned) to an organisation that is not, at present monitored.

I tried adding the new organisation within our SonarCLoud, but it wants me to pay again, even though the GitHub organisation is already part of the same enterprise.

How do I move my current configured GitHub Linked organisation to the new GitHub organisation?



Hi @AMarshallArch,

Welcome and thanks for posting to the community!

Each GitHub organization is mapped to one and only one organization in SonarCloud. And the SonarCloud organization is the unit of billing, so no possibility to use the SonarCloud billing plan for multiple GitHub organizations. At present, you need to use as many SonarCloud organizations as you have GitHub organizations.

I have shared your post with our product management team so that it can be considered. Your feedback to specify further your use cases and expectations in this thread would be useful. If you do, I will ensure this is captured.


Hi @AlxO
thanks for coming back to me and I would suggest you need to move to align to more enterprise in GitHub, not organisation so we can pick any in the enterprise, but thats an aside.

Knowing the limitation you highlight, i need to move my current paid for “Unit of billing” which points at a current organisation in github, to now point at another (Removing the other).

How do I do that?
i.e. how do I repoint my Github organisation/connection in Sonarcloud?
this is really quite urgent now too!

Hi @AMarshallArch

There’s currently no support for changing the binding from one GitHub organization to another I am afraid.

Your best call for now is to create a new organization and phase out the current one. You may benefit from the 14 days trial period of the new organization, so that it remains cost neutral.
You would however lose the analysis history of the previous organization and have to set-up your specific configurations for the new one.