Change from github to bitbucket

Where using with a github binding. I want to change the binding because we migrating towards Bitbucket. The only thing I can do is delete the organisation and then login with my bitbucket account. I know we loose all data but is this the only way to change the binding?

Jasper Janssen

Indeed, we currently don’t have any feature to allow migration between ALMs or binding to two ALMs with the same org.
So your only choice is to create a new organization for the new ALM. If you need to support both ALM while you migrate you can also add manually members in both SC organizations.

thank you Gregoire,
Now I want to create a new organization but my coupon is not valid anymore.

We have a 2 million lines license.


Yeah creating a new paid organization means that you need a new coupon for that organization.

Meaning that my other coupon of 6000 euro is worthless?
Find below the SonarCloud coupon for the Developer Edition up to 2 million lines of code, valid until June 24, 2020. Are you serious that have to buy a new license and the other is with this action worthless?

Or do I receive a new coupon from you for the new organization to use my current license?

@Gregoire_Aubert can you please provide a coupon a.s.a.p. We have issues now with our builds.

thannks in advance.

You current coupon is not worthless, it still works on your first organization, you can’t just re-use it once it has been activated.
On my side I can’t provide you with a new coupon, but I’m sure you will be able to work something out with our sale team, they handle all commercial questions. You should contact them through our contact form.

Thank you again. I have raised a request for this issue.


Hi @Gregoire_Aubert still no answer from your commercial department but I also can’t activate my old github orginazation anymore. Also, “coupon is not valid”. Any options to solve this issue?

Deployment are dependent on the sonarcheck so some teams can’t deploy unless they cut out the complete sonar check. From a quality perspective not what we want.

Do I understand correctly if I assume that you downgraded your first organization (deleting all your private projects) in the hope of being able to use your coupon on the new organization ?

If that’s it, indeed we don’t support such use case. Currently a coupon is like a one time payment for the year, nothing more.

The best option is that you get a new coupon from our sale team that you can use on the new organization.

In the meantime what you could eventually do to unlock the situation on your side is too upgrade the new organization with a credit card. You would benefit from free trial period before being billed, that would let you 14 days to get and apply the new coupon before your credit card is charged…