Sonarcloud hosted Gitlab MR decoration

Hi, I looking how to have MR Decoration from my Sonarcloud paid account in my hosted GitLab Enterprise Edition instance (v12.8.7).

When I check the documentation there’s a menu “Administration > Configuration > General Settings > ALM Integrations” that I don’t find. (

I’m doing something wrong?
How can I integrate Sonarcloud reports in hosted Gitlab merge requests?



Hosted GitLab instance are not supported, MR decoration works only with

Thanks for the response Benoit.

Do we have any plan to support this feature in hosted Gitlab instances.

We are a paying customer in Sonarsource and Gitlab, I think it doesn’t make any sense that the users that are paying and therefore helping those open source projects to success are the ones that don’t get this or other features.


Hi Joan,

if you have a hosted GitLab instance, then SonarQube is the way to go for now. You will get the features you’re looking for in the SonarQube Developer Edition - which has about the same feature set as SonarCloud.


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C’mon, you are telling me that I need to host and manage myself a Sonarqube instance?
This is a nonsense :frowning: