Integration with self hosted (not public) Gitlab CI


We are interested in using SonarCloud for several projects at our company, and are exploring options.

One thing we would like is to integrate Sonarqube with our Gitlab-CI, in particular, what this plugin does: (adding comments to MRs, etc.)

I suppose it is possible to add Sonar plugins to SonarCloud, but what about the communication from SonarCloud to our Gitlab CI host? It runs on a private server, behind a VPN. What could be a good way to make this work?

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SonarCloud does not integrate with GitLab (read this thread for more details on why).

@Fabrice_Bellingard according to the reference, SonarQube 8.0 now supports the integration with gitlab. Does that mean it is now planned to support gitlab for SonarCloud as well? Any ETA?

Also, do we understand correct, that SonarCloud is not yet match the SonarQube 8.0 features yet?

We are also looking for SonarCloud integration with our projects hosted on

Hi @alexshikov, we are currently finalizing the details of a first support of GitLab in SonarCloud. This will include sign up/in, onboarding projects and running analysis through GitLab CI.

We are confident that we can deliver this before Christmas :crossed_fingers: :slight_smile:


Sounds great! Can’t wait to try it. Please, let us know when it’s available or you need some Beta testing :slight_smile:

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Just for clarification: will the sonarcloud integration be limited to GitLab cloud or will there be a potential integration for sonarcloud with self-hosted (on premises or aws, gcp) GitLab EE?

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We will only support

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Hi @voelda,

SonarCloud is meant to be integrated with cloud providers such as,, etc… If you are hosting your repositories on premises, we recommend that you use the Developer Edition of SonarQube, we started to integrate with GitLab as well.


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