Self-hosted Gitlab behind a corporate firewall

I am planning on testing the developer version soon to see how it integrates in our workflow. I would like to verify merge request decorations are working. I have basic scanning on my Java project working now with the Maven plugin. My question is that my self-hosted company Gitlab instance is behind a firewall and not accessible to the open internet. Will that be a blocker for doing merge request decorations? I ask because it looks like you have to import the projects from Gitlab to get this work. Is that correct?

Hi @ctmay4 ,

If Gitlab is not accessible from the Internet, then SonarCloud cannot decorate your merge requests. You may want to look at a self-hosted SonarQube version in that case, so that all network traffic can remain within your corporate firewalls.

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Hey @ctmay4

You mention “Developer version” (which sounds like SonarQube) but categorized this post under SonarCloud. Can you confirm what product you’re trying to use? SonarCloud does not support self-hosted Gitlab.

I was hoping to be able to test SonarCloud with our self-hosted Gitlab instance. It looks like that won’t work since it is behind a firewall. I also set up an internal SonarQube instance so I will try to use that to test the merge request decorations.

Hey there.

Just to be clear – the firewall is not the issue. Only can be used with SonarCloud (SonarCloud exclusively supports cloud DevOps Platforms)

I didn’t realize that. Thanks for clarifying. I tested SonarCloud with some open source projects on Github and was just hoping I could use the same for our internal resources.

I’ll move forward with testing using our internal SonarQube then. Appreciate the help.

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