Gitlab Self hosted Community edition

We are planning to start trial version of Sonarcube (Developer Edition). Before we request that we would like to understand if PR decoration will work with GitLab self hosted community edition. If not how can we use developer edition with self hosted gitlab to analyse the code.

Many Thanks

Hi, welcome to the community forum. Yes, GitLab MR decoration work with both and self-hosted instance.

GitLab minimum supported version is 11.7.

Thanks Pierre,
Just so I am double sure, MR decorations work with Gitlab Community edition, am i right in understanding. Reason I ask, Sonarcube sales team told me otherwise.

Maybe they were a misunderstanding. To sum up, you need:

  • SonarQube Developer Edition at least (Developer Edition or Enterprise Edition or DataCenter Edition)
  • Any edition of GitLab, both and on-premise are supported