Comment on PR on self hosted gitlab (integrate self hosted SonarQube with self hosted Gitlab)

I am trying hosted SonarQube developer edition. We have our IOS app code on self hosted gitlab and we use Bitrise as CICD.

I don’t know how to connect SonarQube to our self hosted gitlab so SonarQube can block PR or put comment on it.

In “General Settings -> Pull Request Decoration” section, I can see only gitlab but I dont see self hosted gitlab.

I need help.

Thank you.

Welcome to the community!

Merge Request decoration are only available if you use GitLab CI/CD (regardless of or gitlab on-prem). You can watch MMF-1901 to be notified for other CI integration.

Many thanks for your reply. It is a stopper for us. I was evaluating developer edition to see if we will pay for it. I wish feature is added soon.