GitLab merge request integration

I want to integrate SonarQube v8.1 Developer Edition with GitLab Self-Managed v12.4 so that merge requests are automatically annotated with SonarQube issues.

I’ve followed the Decorating Pull Requests guide for GitLab and have configured:

  • A personal access token scoped for api
  • GitLab under the Administration / Pull Request Decoration menu

Pull request analysis reports appear in SonarQube when a merge request analysis job is run in by the CI/CD pipeline, but no issues ever appear in GitLab.

I must be missing some configuration. Any ideas on what step I might be missing? One thing that didn’t make sense is how SonarQube knows the URL of the GitLab server and the GitLab project name? Does this come from the Maven pom?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi @devops_guru,

Which CI tool do you use?
Currently, only gitlab CI is supported
See this thread:

You can follow this MMF as well:
Stay tuned :slight_smile: