SonarCloud + GitHub + Pull Request Analysis = No Inline Comments

We don’t plan to bring back inline comments, but we do want to add GitHub annotations at some point. I’ve created SCCOMM-33 to track this.


I am quite bummed to see that you have removed the inline comments . I am not sure as to why this had to be done. . We were able to fix numerous code quality issues as these “inline comments” would stare back at us right through our screens.

I think you killed the most important feature that made us adopt sonarQube. This is a short sighted decision and not well thought of.

.if “Polluting with sonarqube comments” was an issue, Instead of removing this inline comments all together, you could have come up with a toggle button to enable/disable sonarQube comments, with ease of use .
I will recommend to my company to start evaluating other options. Such a disappointing change, this is.


We are disapointed as well than PR inline annations have gone away.
As many previous users said, this is a more productive workflow when developers (and reviewers !) see the annotations and are able to stay in the same tool.

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I see there has been no activity for more than a year on the issue to track this. Pretty disappointing.

Hello everyone!

You are now able to subscribe to future updates and provide feedback on the annotation feature on our roadmap page: Provide annotations for GitHub Pull Requests - SonarCloud | Product Roadmap .

This is something we are going to take a look at again soon.

If you don’t wanna wait for them to putting the inline comments back you can use the project I made:

It’s one http server that you can setup as Webhook in the Sonar admin, it will read the issues for the analyzed branch and publish into the PR.

@Martin_Bednorz is there a plan to support this much-needed feature again in the near future?

Hello @lior-orca ,

Yes, this is on the roadmap for the second half of the year. The feature we are going to publish soon around this is an integration into GitHub’s Code Scanning Alerts, so that the security issues that we discover will be directly accessible within GitHub: GitHub Code Scanning Alerts Integration - SonarCloud | Product Roadmap .

This is a major bummer man. Inline annotations provided so much value and context around a change or problem. Developers work their entire review cycle in source control, you surely are losing a ton of value by removing this feature.

Please add back.

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Martin_Bednorz Fabrice_Bellingard did anything happen with Github PR annotations in the end?