SonarCloud + GitHub + Pull Request Analysis = No Inline Comments

Hi Fabrice,

No, I didn’t find any that use annotations; inline PR comments seem to be the thing everyone is using, probably for the same reasons you’re not able to use annotations in Sonar.


Hi, any estimation when we can expect to have this feature again?

P.S. Inline comments on PR was also one of the main reason why we use it


Hello, just wanted to also add that our company was very disappointed when we saw this feature disappear. Even though the conversation tab is meant for humans, by enabling this feature we are asking sonar to provide a “human-like” review of our code. It’s meant to simulate a human, so I would like to see this feature come back. Maybe make it an optional feature which people could enable/disable if it’s controversial with github’s guidelines.


We would also love to have this feature back. It significantly improves code quality & productivity by showing everything there is to a PR to a developer. There’s no way they’ll forget to go through the reported issues.


Registered to say that my team shares the same sentiment: SonarCloud is barely helpful and completely unnoticed without inline comments.


I am currently evaluating code quality tools for my team and I was just about to go with SonarCloud as it matches our code base and security requirements better than Codacy and Code Climate. However, finding that the most useful feature has been removed is incredibly disappointing. I concur with the statements above that 2 workflows are impossible to implement, especially with people who are only occasionally raising PRs.

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Where are we at with this, SonarCloud team? To be very clear, this is the main issue stopping us from deepening our SonarQube implementation, and will be the #1 reason we will churn off the platform to another product. Inline comments are perfectly fine - please don’t get hung up on the Annotations thing.

This is also important to my team. We are currently a Codacy customer, and find that this feature delivers a lot of value. We would be interested to re-consider SonarCloud if and when this feature is re-enabled.

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that we’re currently looking at this.
We’re going to provide a way to see SonarCloud issues in diff of GitHub PR, either by annotations or comments.



Annotations or comments are such great feature.
I’m impressed that SonarCloud currently doesn’t support it;

That’s great news! Are you targeting this in a current or far future release?


Hi, do you have any estimation when we can have inline comments again? :upside_down_face:

We were evaluating sonarqube developer edition 8.1.0, the main reason for us to move from community editon to developer edition was pull request decoration feature.
So can we know from which version this feature was removed/issue has been started?, so that I can downgrade to that version to get this feature.

Had created issue for the same here.

Will this be added back to SonarQube as well?

Our issue was that if the PR check passed but there were still minor issues that didn’t fail the quality gate, then they would go unnoticed (who’s going to click on the details of a passing PR check?). Therefore our only options were to leave uncaught minor issues unfixed, or change the quality gate to make minor issues a failing condition (which is annoying because there are a lot more false positives).

Hi @dannymartin,

We are currently looking at it for SonarQube (MMF-1892). We plan to bring a sum up as a comment in the conversation tab so that you are aware of the remaining issues even when the quality gate is green.

That’s great news, I wish the inline comments would come back as well but this is definitely better than nothing. Looking forward to seeing it in a future release. In the meantime I’ll be using an old version of SonarQube to get the old PR commenting functionality

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That’s sort of better than nothing, but still really not what we are looking for, nor what brought us to Sonarqube. Plenty of other products on the market have inline markup at this stage in the game.


To everyone wanting the sonar annotations directly in the PR diffs: There is It does that (and even more).

Are the any hope to get inline comments back?

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