Sonarcloud comments don't show on Github Pull Requests

In the past, all pull requests within our company included sonarcloud comments, with clickable links to sonarcloud. This is portrayed in the below screenshot.

Recently, this box with the sonarcloud comments does not show on our pull requests any longer. Instead, there’s a box with all our checks, and the Sonar check is one of them. This is portrayed in the below screenshot.

Clicking on “Details” near SonarCloud Analysis opens a link with the analysis details (the same information that used to show in the PR itself). This is portrayed in the below screenshot.

Can anyone explain why we now must go through this extra step and click on “Details”, and this is no longer accessible from the pull request itself?
Please let me know if you need clarification on this issue or if you need more information regarding this.
Thank you in advance!

Hey there.

I’ll send you a private message for some more details.

Hello @lgck,

To remove any ambiguity, the comment wasn’t replaced by the check. Both have been present for while. You should be able to observe it looking at older PRs where the comment is visible.

As a consequence, we will investigate why PR comments are not being created anymore for your organization.

Could you confirm you still encounter the issue, please?

I’ll keep you informed

Yes, we are still encountering this issue.
Thank you.

Hello @lgck ,

There is an option in project settings which allows to enable/disable the feature which creates comments on PRs.
Could you make sure it is enabled and let me know if it wasn’t?

Also, I checked our data.

I can’t see any log of PR comments attempted to be created for the project you shared privately.

However, I do see some for another project and they seem to be successful. I will share with you privately the details of that project.
Could you confirm PR comments are successfully created on it?

If so, that would indicate the whole organization is not impacted and the problem is rather project specific.

Digging a bit into the data of the former project, I noticed that the analysis report submitted over the past week are reports for short-lived branches, rather than for Pull Requests.
We obviously don’t create comments if we don’t know the details of the PR.
Could the build of this project be misconfigured?