Missing SonarBot comment in PR, despite having them one week ago


We are using SonarCloud on private Github repositories, and with one in particular with C++ code we are experiencing the following issue: after a sonar scan (either successful or unsuccessful), we see the Check of the analysis [1], but we miss the SonarBot comment with the recap. We had it one week ago, no one changed the SonarCloud configuration or the repo. BTW, the option for commenting is active: [2].

It is worth noting that:

  • Other repositories in the organization (private as well) show the bot comment without problems
  • The analysis is present on the sonar cloud website (we can go to it through the ‘Details’ link in [1])
  • Until one week ago, the bot was commenting fine in the PRs

What should be looked for to resolve the problem? Thanks in advance

[1] Imgur: The magic of the Internet
[2] Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Hi @natale-p,

This is probably related to this thread: Sonarcloud stoped posting analysis report in Github PR but still posts them in the actions - #26 by jtymoschuk.

Could it be that the one repository where you are missing the PR comment has the GitHub actions configured with the on: push trigger instead of the on: pull_request trigger?

yes thanks, that was exactly the issue. Thanks again!

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