SonarCloud Freezing PRs (Stuck in Waiting state) - Looking for Advice

Hello everyone,

I’m reaching out because my team and I have encountered an issue with SonarCloud that has started affecting our workflows. We’ve been successfully using SonarCloud for over a year now and have found it incredibly valuable.

However, over the past two months, we’ve begun to experience an issue where our Pull Requests get frozen. It appears that the GitHub action associated with SonarCloud is stuck in a loop, waiting for a status report. This occurs despite the fact that, according to the web interface, the checks have passed successfully.

Our setup involves the SonarCloud application installed in GitHub, which we’ve been using to inspect our PRs before merging. The issue seems to stem from the app not recognising that the check has passed. Regrettably, there doesn’t appear to be a ‘restart’ button for the action.

We’ve already tried the following steps in an attempt to solve this issue:

  1. Pushing new commits to the branch (this occasionally works)
  2. Reinstalling the app into the Organisation

However, the problem persists. I’m reaching out to this community in the hope that someone might have encountered a similar issue and could provide some guidance.


Vincent Ruijter

Hi @evict,

I will contact you privately so that you can share the details of your organization, project, etc. Stay tuned!

Note that issue was transient and would require github actions logs to be investigated further. @evict will provide them if this happens again.

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Hi Alex,

It’s happening again. We had quite a few stuck this week. This one is stuck right now:

Can you have a look and see what’s going on with it?


Vincent Ruijter

Hi @evict were you able to capture the GitHub action logs?