Sonarcloud fails to analyze the Typescript and SCSS projects

We are using Sonarcloud for analysis and it was found that the following files are not being considered while generating report.



Please let me know how I can resolve this. Previously i used to work with SonarQube and report generation was perfect.

Hello @VijayJeevanantham, welcome to the community forum!

SonarCloud does support analysing both Typescript and SCSS.
Could you give me some more information about how you analyse your source code? Do you use a CI pipeline, or do you use Automatic Analysis.

If you use a CI, does the output of the pipeline that runs the analysis contain any errors?


Thanks Tom,

We are using CI pipeline for analysis. The analysis is successful and it shows no error, but the analysis doesn’t includes the Typescript and SCSS.


Hi Tom,

Below are the folders which we use in our project.


Among these only Controllers, Models, Views are included in sonar analysis. We want the src folder also to get analyzed. It contains files with extensions .scss, .ts, .js

Please provide a solution to overcome this issue.