SonarCloud just started to ignore TS code

SonarQube suddenly stopped parsing TypeScript files on morning in december. We didn’t make any changes in the configuration of the projects typescript config or SonarQube.

  • ALM used: GitHub
  • CI system used: Circle CI (SonarCloud integrated with PRs via the auto link with GH )
  • Scanner command used when applicable (private details masked)
  • Languages of the repository: js/ts
  • Only if the SonarCloud project is public, the URL : repo is private
    • And if you need help with pull request decoration, then the URL to the PR too
  • Error observed (wrap logs/code around with triple quotes ``` for proper formatting): no errors
  • Steps to reproduce: unknown
  • Potential workaround: unknown

Here are some screenshots of the statistics.

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Hello @Evanion,

Could you share the logs of your CircleCI job where the sonar analysis is executed? You can send it to me in a private message if it contains private information.


We don’t use CircleCI to parse SonarQube, we use the direct connection between SonarCloud and GH thats in beta.

Ok, could you then go to Administration > Background Tasks on the page of your SonarCloud project and share the ID of the latest background task?


Thanks, could you also share on which day this task was executed?

It appears to have happened some time during the 13 dec. I’m going through the reports now, to find one with code change that doesn’t contain typescript reports

It’s odd, because the PR reports seems to contain the ts files in it’s code section, but the codesmells etc from TS files doesn’t get included in the statistics (as per the screenshots show).

I can not seem to find the background task you reference, would it be possible to launch a new analysis and provide me the ID of that background task?

Switching to using CircleCI to run the SonarQube analysis solved the issue for us. We are now starting to get data on TypeScript code again.