Typescript files not being scanned

We have a typescript/javascript project (predominantly typescript but a few js files here and there).

When scanning with sonarcloud, our typescript files don’t seem to be analysed. Sonarcloud seems to think we have 400,000 lines of code but only 600 lines of javascript and nothing else.

We don’t have any particular includes or excludes and are using a fairly default setup - anything we’re missing to get both js and ts files scanned?


Welcome to the community!

Can you share your analysis log?


Hi Ann!

We’re using a sonarcloud organisation under the name “Mentimeter” - we have searched high and low but are a bit unsure where to see the analysis log - where are we to find it?

I have found “Show SonarScanner Context” in the “background tasks” page - but that’s not what you’re looking for?


The analysis log is what’s output from the analysis command. Hopefully, the log you provide will include that command as well.