Failing Analysis ID: "AYDgqQyOgW6JOek89-Fh"

I’ve been trying to set up my typescript project up with SonarCloud, but the scan keeps failing. I was getting successful autoscans before I started trying to get it to scan the typescript. I believe the issue may be with my file as if I delete it, autoscans work, but adding it back in causes the analysis to fail.

I’m new to setting sonar up on a project, is there is somewhere I can go to get logs on why my scan failed?

Hey there.


Glob patterns can’t be used for sonar.sources – you probably want a pattern closer to


And, it begs the question, why are you configuring sonar.sources at all? If you are just trying to exclude one directory (emojis), you can accomplish that by only setting sonar.exclusions

Thank you for that, as to why I was doing that, can’t really say as I was just trying things and seeing what stuck.

I’m still having problems though, this project is mainly a typescript based project, but none of the .ts files got scanned. The only bit that did get scanned is a couple tiny single page websites (html/js/css). Any ideas on what I may need to configure to get the .ts scanning?

It looks like there are a few things going on.

  • Without a tsconfig.json file, all files are being skipped.
INFO: Found 0 tsconfig.json file(s): []
INFO: No tsconfig.json file found
INFO: 39 source files to be analyzed
INFO: Skipped 39 file(s) because they were not part of any tsconfig (enable debug logs to see the full list)
INFO: 39/39 source files have been analyzed
INFO: Sensor TypeScript analysis [javascript] (done) | time=213ms

With a tsconfig.json file (by renaming deno.json to tsconfig.json, take note that setting sonar.typescript.tsconfigPath=deno.json is having no effect in a file), you’ll run into another issue.

ERROR: Error: Argument for '--lib' option must be: 'es5', 'es6', 'es2015', 'es7', 'es2016', 'es2017', 'es2018', 'es2019', 'es2020', 'es2021', 'es2022', 'esnext', 'dom', 'dom.iterable', 'webworker', 'webworker.importscripts', 'webworker.iterable', 'scripthost', 'es2015.core', 'es2015.collection', 'es2015.generator', 'es2015.iterable', 'es2015.promise', 'es2015.proxy', 'es2015.reflect', 'es2015.symbol', 'es2015.symbol.wellknown', 'es2016.array.include', 'es2017.object', 'es2017.sharedmemory', 'es2017.string', 'es2017.intl', 'es2017.typedarrays', 'es2018.asyncgenerator', 'es2018.asynciterable', 'es2018.intl', 'es2018.promise', 'es2018.regexp', 'es2019.array', 'es2019.object', 'es2019.string', 'es2019.symbol', 'es2020.bigint', 'es2020.promise', 'es2020.sharedmemory', 'es2020.string', 'es2020.symbol.wellknown', 'es2020.intl', 'es2021.promise', 'es2021.string', 'es2021.weakref', 'es2021.intl', 'es2022.array', 'es2022.error', 'es2022.object', 'es2022.string', 'esnext.array', 'esnext.symbol', 'esnext.asynciterable', 'esnext.intl', 'esnext.bigint', 'esnext.string', 'esnext.promise', 'esnext.weakref'.

Without Deno (something I learned about the existence of… 20 minutes ago :smiley:) support in the Typescript compiler, you’re gonna have to try and workaround this.

Just for kicks, I created a tsconfig.json file using es2022 instead of deno.window and… it seemed to work.

Looks like that did it, thank you very much! Didn’t realize there were a very limited number of options on the file.

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