Last analysis failed Analysis ID "AY7MY8rUxQpMa_PFKlKK"

  • ALM used (GitHub)

  • CI system used (GITHUB)

  • Scanner command used when applicable (sonarcloud-github-action )

  • Languages of the repository (JavaScript/TypeScript)

  • Error observed (wrap logs/code around with triple quotes ``` for proper formatting)

> Fail to process issues of component '******:*******/index.tsx' (Visit of Component {key=**********/index.tsx,type=FILE} failed)

  • Steps to reproduce:

For the main branch were added to the options sonar.sources, sonar.tests, sonar.sources with the same directories, there was no code for analisis, but scan was working. After delete options sonar.sources and sonar.tests, we got a Fail analysis.

The same code in other branches are success processed by SonarCloud.

I see the project having the issue was deleted and re-created. Analyses history shows successful ones only now. I assume the issue is solved although I could not investigate its root cause.