Failed analysis ID "0ac6b662-8109-4de3-a2cd-da5a7c4461ad"

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    GitHub - RafGarLo/tool_shed_library

Hi everyone. I am stuck with this error when I try to get test coverage, bugs or smells on my project. I have tried many times filling out the travis CI info in the build.yml file and on the ts.config file. As far as I can tell, the information I provide is correct, the names of the github project, organization match, and yet I get a “not computed” message with no coverage on it. Sometimes, when I try rechecking compatiblity with the project scan, it will change the SONAR_TOKEN, so I update it on github, but with no luck on the results, and no coverage.
Any help would be appreciated. Any hints.
If there is information missing I will gladly provide it.

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Last analysis failed
Analysis ID “0ac6b662-8109-4de3-a2cd-da5a7c4461ad”
The last analysis has failed. If it keeps on failing after several attempts, please contact us on Community forum and provide the following failing analysis ID: “0ac6b662-8109-4de3-a2cd-da5a7c4461ad”.

Hi @RafGarLo,

Automatic analysis is not intended to be used in conjunction with CI-based analysis. You can get more information about it from SC documents.

I’ve checked the logs and saw that you manually enabled automatic analysis for this project. This may cause a problem. Can you please disable automatic analysis for this project on the Project Administration/Analysis Method page and then retry to execute the analysis in your CI?

Hello. First of all, thank you for your time. The reason the automatic analysis starts is because I am pressing the button, only to return it back to automatic analysis off. I try to trigger a new analysis and I can´t. In fact, last analysis shows as feb 13th, and I have added quite a few lines of code since then. Sonar will not even check my pull requests during this time. I also deleted the project from Sonar, only to add it again, and see if this time it will start scanning and offer coverage information, but no luck. Every time I do this, I check the SONAR_TOKEN value, and on many occasions, I observe it has changed from previous version, so I update it at github action secrets. Still no luck.
Any suggestions?


I forked your repo and managed to analyze with GitHub actions. I can see the coverage information. I think changing the automatic analysis configuration causes the problem. What I recommend you is:

  1. delete your project from SonarCloud
  2. add your project to SonarCloud
  3. since your project has the file it will not be eligible for automatic analysis. So, please don’t change the Automatic Analysis configuration in the Administration / Analysis Method page. It should be off by default.
  4. you don’t need to change your configuration on the CI side since SONAR_TOKEN is still valid and your projectKey should be the same. (You can check it under project information page). You just need to trigger a new build for your master branch on your CI side for the first analysis.
  5. After the first analysis you should see the analysis result on SonarCloud with coverage data. Under the Main Branch page you can set your new code definition.
    You should be able to see your Pull Requests on SonarCloud as well.

I hope this helps.

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