SonarCloud branch policy status no longer updated (since 15:45 at least)

Our branch policies for PRs in Azure DevOps no longer receive an updated quality gate status during build. This is preventing us from completing PRs. There is no logging present which suggests why this no longer works (all background tasks just mention that they succeeded). Theoretically it might be because the PAT that is used for PR decoration is not longer valid, but this is not the case. How can we troubleshoot these kinds of issues?

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Jeroen Vos


Could you please provide the ID of the background task of your PR? It’s available in your project Administration > Background Tasks.


The background task ID = AWsdpqdWDEYwxmnvS9xK

@Vossekop Out of curiosity, do you see the following warning on the PR inside SonarCloud:

I’ve just tested on one of my Azure DevOps projects, and the PR decoration seems to work fine.

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Nope, no such warning. I haven’t even seen that warning a couple of months ago when the token WAS the culprit.

I have tried another PR and the policy status is being updated again. I have not changed the token, so either it was an issue on Azure DevOps side not updating correctly, or some transient issue on SonarCloud side.

Hi Jeroen Vos,

Do you know if the environment variables SYSTEM_PULLREQUEST_SOURCECOMMITID or BUILD_SOURCEVERSION are set on the PR that was not correctly processed?



Looking into the same issue. PRs are no longer decorated in Azure DevOps. Builds seem to run fine and PR analysis also show up in Sonarcloud, but are not communicated back to Azure DevOps it seems.

Background task id = AWshOnGcDEYwxmnvS_yS

As far as I can tell these variables are correctly processed but the above build did not have System.Debug parameter set to true so I can not be 100% certain. I have not changed the build pipeline and we have been completing PRs for this repo multiple times a day for the past few weeks without any problems.

I though it was fixed since I had a branch policy being updated correctly this morning, however the last few builds are displaying the same symptoms again. Here are the IDs:


The root cause has been identified and fix will be deployed today.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the quick response. Keep up the good work!

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We have the same issues this morning also

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The fix has been deployed. Please do some noise if you still encounter issues!
Thanks to all of you for your patience.

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Thanks @simon.brandhof - looks to be working for us.

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Seems to be working for us also. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Working now…



  • No update on Twitter
  • No update on Service Status

Maybe VSTS just isn’t a big customer base.

A bug in the process on our side, this should have been communicated. :confused: Sorry for this!


Yep works again here as well.