PR Decoration Not Working


I’m configuring a new project hosted in Azure for analysis with SonarCloud. The PR analysis completes, the results, however, are not pushed back to DevOps.

The associated branch has a policy set up, the status check is also linked

But when the PR is running, the Quality Gate does not appear.

I tried replacing the PATs to be sure its not an authentication issue but its still not working.
I have one other project where the integration works nicely.

The only difference that I can imagine to impact is the fact that this DevOps project has 2 repositories (instead of just one)

The background task ID is AXqqlIsMlG1PxIkOFGJ0

I’ll keep looking and update you here if I find out what the problem is.

@Caba_Sagi Your input is much appreciated.

Best regards,

It’s working now - I had to change user’s Access Level from Stakeholder to Basic in the Organization Settings for the right status check to show up.

I’m not 100% sure if that really was the problem of it just worked by coincidence.

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