SonarCloud and Team City (TeamCity) - possible?

Hi, have recently signed up for a paid-for account, and while Azure DevOps pipeline integration with SonarCloud works well, I cannot find any articles anywhere relating to getting the same working with Team City.

Is this possible? If it is, some guides/links would be gratefully received at this point, as all I can find are things relating to SonarCube


Hi @mcalnd70, welcome the Community forum!

You can run the Scanner on TeamCity.

If you have C# or VB.NET code, you need to use the Sonar Scanner for .NET (formerly known as Sonar Scanner for MSBuild).

Otherwise, you can get configuration hints by choosing “With other CI tools” after importing your projects on your SonarCloud organization, depending on your build tools and language.

The Analyzing source code documentation may also help you configuring your tools.