Using OpenJDK and newer version of .NET framework with Sonar Scanner

We currently use Github as code repository and build our code in TeamCity. We would like to upload our build to SonarCloud as part of our TeamCity build job, since we use that for our CI.

I have found these links that describe what is needed for the setup:

Both list that I should install Sonar Scanner, but according to the prerequisites for Sonar Scanner at SonarScanner for .NET & SonarCloud, we need to install Java 17 or later and either .NET Framework v4.6 or .NET Core SDK 2.0 and above

We have some security concerns and are unable to use Oracle Java and older version of .NET Framework and .NET Core SDK, so my questions are:

  1. Is it possible to use OpenJDK 17 or other free Java versions instead of Oracle Java?
  2. Is it possible to use newer versions of .NET Framework or .NET Core SDK than the ones listed in the prerequisites?

Yes! Any Java distribution will do.

Yes. Those are just minimums.

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