SonarCloud Analyze project missing repositories from AzureDevOps

I am using SonarCloud and it is connected to the organization (AzureDevOps).

When I try to add a new project to SonarCloud:

I go to the plus sign and then a list appears with the repositories from AzureDevOps.
The issue that I am facing is that not all the repositories appear on the list. I am trying to understand what is the condition from when a repository shows up VS when it doesn’t, but I still can’t identify the reason/condition.

Is this a bug? What could I do to see all the repositories? Is manually importing the only thing I can do for the missing ones?

Any help is really appreciated.

Hi @caraujo84

We don’t have any condition on our side, we just rely on the token you provided to list the repositories, using the list repositories API provided on AzDo. Is there some kind of specific/granular permission set on your repositories that you don’t see maybe ?


Hi Michaël, it could be that. I’ll troubleshoot with the AzureDevOps admin and see if that fixes this thing. Thank you.