Azure DevOps, new Analyze projects does not list all repo

We have to use Manual setup even if it is not recommended to add and import new project.
Really strange that SonarCloud is not able to list all Azure DevOps repositories.
Is it really the case that there is a project importation limit for a paid plan
Is there a way to fix that?.


To be clear, you’re saying you have to set new projects up manually because you’re unable to import them through the UI because there seems to be a limit on project count?

Can you share how many projects you have in Azure DevOps?


Hi Ann, hard to say how many, We have certainly more than 600 repositories.
Actually 18 pages are listed in the Search for repositories selections


It sounds like you’re hitting some kind of pagination or response size limit…?

I’m going to flag this for the team.


Yes sounds like, Thank’s Ann


We’re having a look at this issue and trying to get more information on it. Could you please confirm that the repositories that are not listed in SonarCloud are not disabled in Azure DevOps?

Hello, no it was not disabled as we are able to run the analysis via the manual setup.

Hello all, @ivan.murenko found the reason.
With Azure DevOps there is a SonarCloud user defined to let access the project where repos are defined.
Repos that was not listed are those where the SonarCloud user was not added to the DevOps project.
The solution just assign the SonarCloud Azure DevOps user to the project where repos need to be imported in SonarCloud. Basic access level seems to be enough

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