Not all repos displayed in the list

Hi all,

As you may know, inside the same organization in Azure DevOps, you can have more than one project.

Currently we have two projects in Azure DevOps, let’s call them PRJ_X and PRJ_Y.

Both projects contain repos. I want to configure a repo for analysis in PRJ_Y. However, only repos in PRJ_X are displayed in the list.

Is there any limitation on this regard?


Hi @Javier_Prieto_Seco ,

You should be able to access your repos as necessary yes, however, there is a limitation in terms of accessing private projects which you might have an issue with if you are not using a paid version.

Currently, the limitation would be that if you are using a free plan then you would not have access to private projects. For example, here you can see the middle project is private and locked. As in the second picture, you can see I am using a paid plan which has access to all of these projects.

Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 13.49.37

Does this information help you?

Hi, and thanks for the response. I think that’s not my case, since we’re using paid version. As workaround, I managed to configure the project myself manually, but would be great if this can be sorted out!


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Hello @Javier_Prieto_Seco !

Thanks for letting us know you managed to configure the project manually. I’ll take a look into this issue and come back to you soon with my findings.

Hello again @Javier_Prieto_Seco ! :wave:

I believe I was able to reproduce your issue. In my tests, I noticed that if a user in Azure DevOps has not been added to a project, then the repositories within can’t be visible when importing them in the SonarCloud organization.

Could you please verify (or contact an admin user of the Azure DevOps organization) if your user has been added to the projects you need to import in SonarCloud?

This can be found in Azure DevOps > Organization Settings > Users, and then, next to your user, select Manage user to select the projects you will need to be added.

Here is the menu I can see next to an user:
Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 17.01.04

And then this is the view from Manage user section:
Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 17.01.17

As you can see above, I am selecting both projects for a given user. When I tested this with my colleague, we removed one of them and they were not able to add the repos under this project in SonarCloud, which is what seems to be your issue.

Please give it a try and let me know in case of any further issues. :blush:

Yes Azure DevOps user access is the first thing to check. Basic or higher access level is needed as well .
As explained in this post.

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