Can't see all all available projects from ADO

We are analyzing our Azure Dev Ops org via SonarCloud.

We have SonarCloud added for each application project in the org. However, when we filter down in ADO to:

[Organization] / [Application] / Repos / Files

We see some files/folders of code that we cant immediately tell if they are already being scanned by SonarCloud. Does the entire application/project folder get added to SC once we add the parent application project? Would that mean those sub project folders are already being scanned?

Hey @kyletk,

I am not sure if I understand correctly. If you add repository in SonarCloud from the Azure DevOps, all the code in this specific repository will be analyzed. The project (in Azure DevOps meaning) can contain multiple repositories, but you import the repository in the SonarCloud.

Does it answer your question? Let me know if you need more help.