Azure DevOps - Cannot find new project and its repos within same organisation

  • ALM used: (Azure DevOps)

  • CI system used (Azure DevOps)

  • Languages of the repository (C#, TypeScript)

  • Steps to reproduce

    • I have Sonarcloud working correctly within my Organisation X
    • Organisation X has two projects: Project A & Project B within each is their own repos.
    • Project A is connected and configured correctly to Sonar and when attempting to scan the repos all of them appear.
    • Project B does not appear anywhere and I cannot see where I could possibly add it. I have added and verified Sonar to its service connections with the same settings as Project A but it still does not appear on the Sonarcloud site.

Is there any permissions or similar that I can look to add to Project B to ensure it is available to add its repos as a project on Sonar?


Welcome to the community!

To be clear, when you try to use the wizard to onboard ProjectB, you don’t see it as an available option?

Your organization was configured with a personal access token (PAT) to give SonarCloud access to your organization on ADO. This may be a question of what permissions the account the PAT was generated from has on ProjectB.

Do you know what user account the PAT was generated from? And can you verify it has permissions on ProjectB?


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Hi Ann,

Thank you for your response, you have solved our problem!

I gave the user with the associated PAT same level of permissions across both projects and I can now select our repos from the wizard.

Thanks again.

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