Sonarcloud account issues

Good day to all,
We had an issue with a Atlassian account, long story short, our user didn’t change his Atlassian account ‘’ to ‘’ when prompted, and when we’ve found out it was already too late, and the new correct email address was already associated with some external clients Bitbucket Repositories.
So, our only solution in order to avoid issues with external clients, was add the new account to our internal repository and delete the ‘’ account from Atlassian. But, we have another issue with sonarcloud, although the bitbucket user stayed the same he can’t really login on Sonarcloud, even after revoking the access on Atlassian the error is: "you can’t sign up because login ‘username’ is already used by an existing user.

Can I get some assistance on this particular case?

Hello @PedroViana,

I will create a private thread, so you can provide me with additional information so I can investigate the problem.


Hello @Marcin_Majewski

Thank you. Will send via email the required information.