Can't signup or login using my Bitbucket account

Hi, when I try to sign up for SonarCloud using my Bitbucket account I get this error:
You can’t sign up because login ‘Lodewijck’ is already used by an existing user.

Could somebody help me sign up?

Best regards, Lodewijck

Hello Lodewijck.
Apologies for the wait.

We did some investigation and found several similar accounts. Can you please specify your email?

Also you should ask an admin of your organisation to remove your account from the organisation members. Then we will be able to proceed.

Hi, I’m using my account with e-mail

Could you explain what I should do concerning the organisation-member part? This e-mail address should be related to 1 organisation in Atlassian and to no organisations in SonarCloud (yet), so I don’t know what you mean with several similar accounts…

Good day Lodewijck.

It looks like you have previously used BitBucket account ‘Lodewijck’ with a different email.
It is registered in SonarCloud with email different from ‘’, and is a part of Organization.

So you should ask the Admin of that organization to remove your account from the organization members (in SonarCloud). After that we will be able to proceed.

I’ve never used SonarCloud with this BitBucket account so it sounds like there is nothing I can do. I don’t even get where my account name ‘Lodewijck’ is coming from, it’s not really my username in BitBucket as far as I can tell (logging in there using Google OAuth). Anyway, thanks for checking. I’m gonna try to change some account settings in BitBucket or just use Sonar locally…

Hey Lodewijck, you may find your BitBucket login here: Settings(gear icon in top right corner) → Personal settings → Account settings → Bitbucket profile settings → Username

Ah yeah you’re right… Anyway, still don’t know what other organization could be linked to my BitBucket account… Is it maybe possible to trigger a password reset for the existing SonarCloud account?